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JavaScript Form Validation (Invoice Form)

javascript form validation

This tutorial comes on second number on my series of making online invoice sample with pdf invoice and email delivery system. In this tutorial I am going to use JavaScript form validation to forms field to get valid input from user. This is very important that form should only process valid data. As we know… Read more »

How to Make Simple Beautiful HTML Navigation Bar

HTML navigation bar- tipsmoon

A website may consist of many beautiful style objects. Generally a website has sidebars, a header image, a footer, headings, subheadings & Navigational menu etc. All building elements have their own importance. Actually, they are all combined to provide a beautiful look for our website. Good designing of individual item may enhance the design of… Read more »

CSS Frame with PHP and Dynamic Background Image Width


PHP is a server side scripting language which is very powerful for creation of dynamic web pages. Today you will learn a very useful technique to produce a CSS frame by using three small pieces of a complete frame and joined them dynamically in a changeable width and fixed height. By using this technique you have… Read more »

Make a Beautiful Date Picker from a Textbox using JQuery


Date picker is a good tool, which produce a calendar when you click on the concerned date holder textbox. The calendar picks current date of server. In This tutoial, I am using JQuery library named JQurey UI which can be downloaded from the jquery official website. The final product looks like below: First of… Read more »

How to Convert Access Table to SQL


Here I am going to explore a technique which is useful when you tried to convert your access table to mysql  table in a database . Let start with a testing table in MS Access 2007. Step-1. Open access table in and we need it to export this table in excel 2007 format for the… Read more »

PHP Global Variables


Before going deep into the PHP, a PHP developer or programmer should know about some important PHP Global Variables and their use at the occasion. So in this tutorial I am showing you the important variables and their brief introduction. Some global variables can be created through the use of define() and others are reserved… Read more »

Fundamentals of jQuery

What is jQuery Later on we would have different tips & trick involving JQuery. But this time I want here a brief introduction and biography of the such a powerful tool available for producing dynamic contents for a website in the today’s on-line market. I have used a term “dynamic contents”. What is meaning of the… Read more »

PHP – Introduction


What is PHP? PHP is a programming language for building dynamic, interactive Web sites. PHP runs on server side. Its scripts are server side. It serve Web pages to visitors on request. One of the important features of PHP is that you can embed PHP code within HTML Web pages. Hence, it makes very easy… Read more »