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Best and Powerful Backlink Checker Tools

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What is Backlink?   Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks which are pointing to a web page to another website. These backlinks are very important as they add huge value to search engine ranking. And all search engines care about the backlinks, they considered them as raised thumb or vote in favor of the website to which… Read more »

6 Best Google Keyword Rank Checker Websites


There are many on-line tools that can check your website for Google Keyword Rank . Some are which also include search engines like Yahoo/Bing page rank checker. It is necessary for bloggers to check the position of their pages in search result according to keywords. This information provides a base to make better SEO for… Read more »

How to Get Free Backlink PR8


As you know well that backlinks are actually backbone of your online business or websites.  The more quality backlinks your site have, then the higher Page Rank you get in the search results. Today in this tutorial I shall guide you how to get free PR 8 backlink to your website from Google in easy steps:… Read more »

SEO and Search Engines

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a well known word in now a days as It is every website’s requirement. SEO is a big topic and no doubt thousands of articles have been written on the topic. Today I am writing something for beginners who just have start SEO for their websites. The… Read more »