There are a lot of social media share plugins available in wordpress kingdom. Some premium plugins are no doubt, of good quality but some free plugins are also incredible in performance. There is a draw back problem in both free and paid social media share plugins i.e. they increase page load speed of our website which is now a days big ranking factor in Google for web sites. So we cannot make compromise to our page load of website. I have tried many social sharing buttons and plugins but they never satisfied me. After all I found one that satisfied both in design, user-friendly and especially in speed. So here is the fast and free social media share and free social media sharel plugin

Sharify Social Share Buttons


sharify buttons preview

You can download this plugin from here

Some Key Features are given below:

The free version of this plugin give social sharing facility to all big social networks which have been mostly used. It has Sharing Buttons for most famous social share media like Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Reddit, Pocket, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Email, Skype & VKontake. It has a Responsive design. You can hide or display sharing buttons. This plugin also has SSL Support.


Basic Setting page

It has some small general setting options. By the use of these options you can set its social sharing buttons position on the single template (Post) either on the top of the post or at the bottom. You can also put it on both i.e. top and bottom. It has an option to load Google font which load faster hence reduce plugin loading time. Another useful option is that we can disable sharing buttons from custom post pages. It has a box where you can add your own CSS file to boost or change the style of your social sharing bar. Below you can see these options.

sharify social media share button

Ability to Change Color of Social Media Sharing Buttons

You can change the color of buttons by providing color code in the text box given. I think this is a great feature to customize and change the look of social share buttons.

sharify social media share button color change

Amazing Fast Speed with Caching

I think Sharify is the fastest sharing plugin in free version for WordPress from the plugins I have checked until now. This plugin comes with caching which really makes your site load faster and reduce the load on server.

Counts for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & LinkedIn

It shows the counts from major social media networks i.e. Facebook, Google Plus, twitter and LinkedIn. Cached share counts helps in less server load and faster webpage loading speed.

Shortcode Display

As you know earlier that it has top and bottom positions on single posts. Moreover You can easily display these social buttons on anywhere on your pages and post and widget area by the help of shortcode support. To use this feature, write following shortcode in your post or page where required :

[ sharify ]



That’s we reached at the end of the article. I have shown you the detail of the plugin which is free and have fast performance for social media sharing. These are the social buttons which you can display on your posts without slowing down your server and website. If you have good experience with some others plugins. Please share in comments to others.

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