What is jQuery

Later on we would have different tips & trick involving JQuery. But this time I want here a brief introduction and biography of the such a powerful tool available for producing dynamic contents for a website in the today’s on-line market. I have used a term “dynamic contents”. What is meaning of the term. It is relating to web presentation on a website like ad which change its color, behavior or format according to the response of the user at that time. It also relate to the word animation. We can make animations, moving effects & beautiful sliders from JQuery.

Before start jQuery we have to know how it works? JQuery is not a language itself but it is a framework that’s built on top of JavaScript. So before we start jQuery, we must know that JavaScript is prerequisite or at least you have to familiar basics of JavaScript. jQuery is a powerful and complex library that was first released in August 2006. It enhances the user end functionality, forms validation and provide animations effects for web pages.

Downloading jQuery

By preparation of download jQuery we are ready to dive into jQuery and use it for the first time. The best place to start is the jQuery web site at http://jquery.com



Click the Download button on the jQuery home page to download the jQuery source. Another Download Method is that you should right-click and select Save Target As. There are two compression-level options listed above the download button:-

Production (small size), Minified form

Development (larger size), Uncompressed Code

Both file are have same library of jQuery. The difference is that if you want to study the jQuery source in detail when using in your jQuery project then you can use Development version, otherwise always pick the Production version. This code has been run through a minifier, a program that compresses JavaScript files into smaller versions. Minifiers perform a number of actions to get the code down to as small as possible. Minified code is completely unreadable, but it’s not designed to be readable—it’s designed to make the file as small as possible. So you should download the minified version.

The jQuery API Documentation

The one reason that jQuery has become so successful is its documentation, which is outsatanding. If you are using jQuery, you need a good source to learn what each API does. The jQuery documentation address is


It lists every method jQuery provides.

How to Use jQuery

Save your downloaded jQuery file as jquery.js in a new folder on your machine (which may me your testing server like Xampp or your website holding server. You’re also going to add an HTML file to this folder, so create an index.html page. Finally, to write our jQuery code and functions in an individual file, we create app.js. Now you can use any html page editor of your choice—I personally use Dreamweaver to write in these files in later tutorials. After that we write following code in index.html. This code at this level do nothing fancy but  this is the basic structure we use to run our jQuery Scripts:


<title>My first jQuery Example</title>
<script src=”jquery.js”></script>
<script src=”app.js”></script>
<p>Hello World</p>

In the above example you should note that order is very important  that the code you write is going to be dependent on jQuery, so you have to load jQuery before any scripts that use it.


We have introduced with dynamic and powerful language JQuery. where to download as well as we learn that what is basic syntax structure and how to start it and make environment to run the script.

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