There are many ways to check website traffic form wordpress site. Briefly we divide them in two main categories:

  1. Google Analatics for WordPress
  2. WordPress Plugins


Google Anaylatics for WordPress

The most popular way to check website traffic is by using Google Anaylatics . First of All you must have a google analytic account.  For the purpose go to the following address:-

Here at the right corner of the site you will find “Create an account” link. Go through this link (if you don’t have an account yet)  and follow the step by step process provided by the google.  After successful completion of account.  You are asked to set up a property for your account. For more information on how to set up a property for google anaylatics account, you are referred to this url:

At the completion of this step you will be provided with the “Tracking ID” with script. After that you are required to put this tracking id script in your website pages just near closing of Head Tag in your webpage. For wordpress follow the following steps:

  1. Site Dashboard –> Appearance –>Editor

Now edit the file Header.php and paste the Tracking code just after next line of BODY Tag and update the file. And that’s it. Now your site is tracking with google anaylatics and you can check a varity of reports for page views and vistors by signing in the google anaylatic account.

 Wordpress Plugins

WordPress have a variety of plugins that can make life easy. A good plugin that uses google anaylatics is

Google Analytics by Yoast. And you can find it at following address:

A variety of plugins are available at wordpress site through which you can find the plugin of your choice at:


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