This is the practical guide which gives you the step by step instructions about how to start a successful new blog. Making a blog is not a difficult thing. We discuss in detail some easy process to start by a new blogger. The first portion of the article will include regarding important information about blog itself. In the second portion, I shall introduce you the nuts and bolts to make a success blog and also share some important tips in creating blog process.

First Thing about the Blog

First thing, we start, is to know that what is a blog? The answer is that a blog is a website that mostly consists of written contents which provides information about something. So content writing, post writing and article writing are all terms relates to a blog. The blog can have other stuff like videos, audios, graphics etc.

how to start a blog

Why Blogging?

There are many reasons to start a blog.

i). Earn Money From Home.

Mostly people make blogs for making money from home or earn some passive income as a part time job. So give some hours a day to write some useful articles and posts for your blog and as a results things are converting to money with different methods like showing ads on your blog or selling some digital product or affiliating other’s products etc. Blogger can hope to make a pleasant benefit if things are done effectively.

ii). Community Communication

Another good benefit of blog is to stay in touch with the readers of your blog. They learn new things from you and you can learn from them when they comments on you blog.

iii). A Personal Blog

This is a blog about your experiences which you share with others. It has different topics and thoughts.

iv). Games and Hobbies

Hobbies blog share different tips and expertise relating to some specific hobbies, like gardening , travelling, boating etc.

v). Promoting Business.

This kind of blogs promotes some kind of business for example tutorial on how to use some technology or products, products reviews and product listing blogs.

vi). Other Types of Blogs.

Blogs have many types as related to topics and niche. For example News blog, technology blog, Lifestyle, Food, Health, Fashion, Education etc.

STEP-1: Your Choice about Blog Topic (Choosing a Niche)

It is not required that you are the full expert in the blogging filed you choose but it is tied in with offering and sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world to benefit them with your experiences. First thing that must be considered that you should be passionate about starting and making a successful blog. It can be so simpler. Try to choose a niche that you like and love to write on it. Because if you chose a niche for just writing articles with no personal interest. Then a time come, you will lose concentration on writing articles. On the other hand writing on favorite topics never bore you. And you will learn more things because of your interest. Expounding on more than one subject is absolutely fine as well. But now a day, you know that a blog or website is successful if it can do some great performance in Google search engine. Google like the sites and give ranking to those who have authority in their topics. It means that user when come on the site will serve most of information related to the topic for which he comes on site. So choosing of niche or topic for your website is a first big step to start a blog.

STEP-2 Choose Domain Name.

At first You should select domain name wisely before starting your blog. Domain name should depict the purpose of your blog. Try to pick domain name according to your niche or topic. The domain name should be as short as possible because it is easy for your blog users to remember it. If your domain name have a keyword in it relating to your blog topic, then it is much better. It helps search engines to understand your blog purpose and give it better ranking. Use following tool for finding keywords and their monthly search volume.
Google Adwords Tool

2ndly, Choose a domain extension for your domain name. There are many type of extension but all these can be categorized into two main categories for better understanding.

a. Global or Generic Extensions

These are used globally used extension. The most famous is (.com) other are .net .org etc. These are better if you’re starting a blog for target audience in whole the world.

b. Local or Country Extension

These extension are better when you are making a blog for targeting local audience of some country. For example. .us, .as, .pk, .in . uk etc. as name indicates their countries.

Normally if your blog is going to launch in whole the world. Then .com extension is best. (.com) is an old extension and most of quality name have already been taken. So you can add dash(-) sign between words to make a unique name. For example Domain name should contains lower case alphabets, more than three or four letters and should not have any space in it.


STEP-3: Choose a Hosting Plan to Start your Blog

Now here is an importing thing that is to choose a right hosting package for you. There are many hosting companies exists with different packages and rates. So it is upto you to select one according to your needs. The tip is here that you can start a basic / starter package form any reliable hosting company. Initially your traffic starts from low level, so no need of higher bandwidth and also no need for huge disk space at hosting. When you grow gradually, you can shift to higher package. I would like to recommend a most famous international company to start i.e. blue host. It provides quality service as compared to its rates.

STEP-4: Choose a Website Theme and a Platform for Your Blog

Use a good content management system for your blog. I shall recommend WordPress for starting a blog because it is most famous in world and approximately more than 80% websites and business are using this platform. Choose well designed and good looking theme for your blog. Normally first impression is the last when user comes to your blog. For example if your blog are not well designed and everything is looking awkward and you write a great piece of article there but user went away to see the ugly design of your site. How horrible is it?. There are a lot of free WordPress themes available at WordPress org site.
You can buy premium themes form different sites. One famous site is Themeforest where you can buy all kinds of best WordPress themes for a site.

STEP 5. Write your First Post and Promote Your Blog

Now this is time to start writing your post and articles. Go ahead, write 2 or 3 post in a week is a good for your blog startup. You can change this schedule according to your choice. Verify your site on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. So it can starts to appear in sear results (SERPs). It takes some time to get a good traffic for your blog. However, you can promote your site by use of Google Adwrods or any other SEO companies.

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