When we design some theme or page template in adobe photoshop, we use graphics and text design combination for creating some remarkable web design in psd format of adobe photoshop. Here I am using adobe photoshop cc for showing how can we use paragraphs in adobe photoshop.  We will make paragraph align right, align left, align center and align justify. So lets start.

Draw Paragraph Area with Horizontal Type Tool

Go to the left side of the adobe photoshop screen and find the “horizontal type tool”. Click on the tool and drag an area on the screen where you will write your paragraph. Write some paragraph here or paste a piece of writing here. Now go to the Window menu in adobe photoshop and click on paragraph panel. A panel will open on the right side of the photoshop screen look like figure below:

paragraph tool adobe photoshop cc


Alignment Buttons

At top of the paragraph menu there are alignments buttons where you can align the paragraph to left, center and right. There are also four types of justify  buttons to justify the text.

Left and Right Margin

There are two margin parameter right under the alignment buttons. These are margins (space) of paragraphs from left and from right. You can enter any value which is right and adjust your paragraph to look good. In the example above the unit of parameters is in pixel unit, it can be any unit you can change from Edit -> preferences -> Unit and Rulers

Left Indent and Top and Bottom Margin

Down the Left and Right margin there is Left indent parameter. Left Indent of paragraph is space of the first word and line of the paragraph from the left side. other two settings are top and bottom margin between two paragraphs. At at the end of the panel there is Hyphenate check box. What it does? If it is checked then word can be split into two parts and remaining will be shown on next line with an (-) sign showing on the end of  top line. If not checked words will not break. You can watch the below video to explain the paragraph tool in adobe photoshop cc:-

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