WordPress no doubt is world’s greatest content management system. This is user friendly and provides a lot of functionally to extend user experience. One of its special features is use of plugin functionality, which enhance its capabilities. But there is a little cost to pay i.e. page load time of web page. And we all know that Google now consider the page load time as ranking signal for its search result. So we have to consider web site load time as well as its functionalities and capabilities. You can check your page load speed with Google Website speed test tool (PageSpeed Insights). Here are some tips that can help you to analyze and speed up your WordPress site.

speed up wordpress web site

Check which Plugin Causing More Overhead to Your Website Speed.

It is good practice to check which plugin is taking most of time to load. So once you find it, you can remove it or replace it with another one to avoid slowing page load time. One free plugin is available in WordPress  is P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler).  By installing this plugin will analyze your wordpress plugins load time and show you a report to better understand and implement the improvements.

Stop Unwanted Search Engine Bots to Crawl your Website

Website on web server presents pages not only to human users but also many kinds of search bots which visit and crawl the web site. Some time it increases so much that it made the server busy and original visitors face the slow traffic problem. So one solution to avoid this there is a free plugin named StopBadBots . The name of this plugin shows that it stops bad bots to visit and slow down your website.


Stop Spammer and Auto Scripts from Exploring your Website

Spammers and auto scripts are the headache for website since long time. They are very dangerous for website health. They can add spam comments to your site and Big search engine giant Google hates it. It is observed that website contains spam comments not proper rank in Google. Another thing is brute force attack at your site which try to hijack your admin login by breaking or stealing your user name and password. So here is some remedies to stop spammers.
You can use Captcha plugin to stop auto scripts and spam comments on your site and also using captcha on login page also reduce login attempts by the hackers and spammers. This plugin use small mathematical question to solve captcha problems. These mathematical problems are light weight and easy to solve by humans but difficult for auto bots .
Second good plugin you can use is WPS Hide Login that will hide your dashboard login page and it is accessible only by using your custom path which only you know and no one else.
These two plugins will reduce spammer activates on you website and as a result website page load time increases.

Clean Up Your Website Database Regularly.

Optimizing and cleaning of WordPress websites’ database also have a good impact on page load time. A good plugin for database cleanup is WP-Optimize.

Optimize Images on your Website.

Use of improper and large size images is a great cause to slow down the website. So optimize your images properly that can save your website bandwidth. A plugin EWWW Image Optimizer is good choice for image optimization

Use of Cache Plugin

Use of a cache plugin can really speed up WordPress site. Cache plugin make a static copy of the dynaic pages and present when a visitor demand. A modern and famous plugin that can do this job for you is W3 Total Cache.


So it is end of the post, I hope you will find this post informative. By implementing above mentioned tips and plugins you will be able to decrease website load time and increase your site speed.

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GTmetrix, Webpage test.org, Page speed insight and Pingdom are the best tool to measure Website speed. Speed optimization of a website helps to rank high in search engine. Check for onload time in gtmetrix to know the exact time taken by the page to load. Feel free to view this information on how to improve page speed of a website . Some of the other tips for speed optimization of website are Reducing CSS, JS, Leverage browser caching & Removing unnecessary plugin


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