4 Best Free online SEO Tools and SEO Checker Websites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is soul of one’s website. A website with weak SEO can never get the position which actually it deserves. SEO is a vast field and it has many aspects and micro components which one should take care. There are many SEO tools and applications which have been developed to Check SEO and to improve SEO results. Thanks to internet, that it provides some free online SEO Tools and SEO Checker websites which provides a variety of tools for measuring, observing and Checking Site’s SEO. So let’s start knowing about them.

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SEO Web Page Analyzer

This SEO tool is very good to check single page SEO characteristics. You may paste the url of your webpage in text box and click the “Analyze button”. It produces a large report relating to SEO of your page. Its main features are:

  1. It counts a Total estimated SEO score of your page according to its built in algorithm.
  2. It has a general information tab where it shows page weight, Alexa rank and Google page rank etc.
  3. In Meta and title tag. It shows all values of meta tags for your webpage.
  4. In heading structure portion it shows your h1, h2 and h3 etc. tags and values in you page.
  5. In content analysis section it produces the different keywords density.
  6. It has included much other important information like info about internal links, no-follow and do follow external links, Images properties, social info etc.

Check Website here

Visitors Detective

This online tool website checks how much visitors visit your website site daily. The best thing is that this tool is free and It also shows you that according to daily visit or traffic, what percentage is, your site is bigger that other websites in the world. You can also check the daily visit/traffic of your competitor website to analyze your SEO strategy.

You can visit the website here

SEO Book Keyword Density Tool

This is very handy tool to check keyword density on your page. It gives multiple column result report. One column of keywords containing single word phrase, others columns are containing keywords of two and three word phrases respectively. It also counts the keywords and their percentage density on the page.

Try this online SEO tool


Northcutt Google Indexed Page Checker

A very simple and useful tool to check the number of pages indexed by the Google search engine. You can check the number of pages of your site; your competitor site or any other website and easily get to know about their volume of contents and compare it with their search engine ranking.

Let visit the above website and SEO tool



Above are some free recourses and SEO checkers on internet to check and analyze your website’s SEO performance. There also exist many paid resources on the internet for the SEO Checking. You can choose the better one according to your budget and choice. If you know some other better free resources on internet please share in comments.

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