7 Best SEO Tips for Website ranking high in search Engines


To make your content more valuable and appear high in search results. It needs good SEO for the page. So here is 7 Best SEO Tips for Website ranking high in search Engines where I try to cover main SEO techniques that should be followed to make good results.

1-Internal Links Structure.

The first among the SEO tips is your website internal link structure. It is very important part of the Search engine optimization (SEO). External links (backlinks) are also very important but before that Your page should have clear navigation and links to other post and pages. Also relative link should be added in the individual posts.

2-Optimize Site for World Largest Search Engine Google

Google is largest search engine in the world as it has millions of search queries a day. So it is a good idea that your site should be optimize for Google. For example, Your page should have a
single H1 heading which describe your content heading.
Your page should have a title with your targeted keyword.
Your sub-heading should be in H2 or H3 tags.
Web Page Title should be relevant to your content heading and main keyword.

3-Do Keyword Research to Pick Proper Targeted Keyword

If you put your efforts in right direction at start of writing your content. Then you are going to be better in SEO performance. For the purpose a deep keyword search is necessary. There are many tools for checking keyword relevance and important to your niche. I personally recommend and use the Google Key word Planner for research keywords. You need a google account to sign in Google Adwords account where you find kewordPlanner tool. Quick link is given below:


So find your keywords relating to your content’s topic which have been searched many times in a month and has low competition at all. Low completion means there that there are more chances for your page to appear top on the search results.

4-Keyword Should be Repeated at Least 4-5 Times in your Contents

In your content body the targeted keyword should be repeated at least 4-5 times. 7-8 times is also a healthy ratio. It makes search engines easy to find your contents relevancy with your targeted keyword.

5-Keyword Should be Present in All Main Meta Tags and Important Locations

Your all meta tags should be properly filled with your targeted keyword. For example
Title of your page must have your keyword.
Main heading of the content should have the keyword.
Keyword on which you are focusing should be presented in Page Description.
Keyword should be repeated multiple times in your main content but not excessively.

6-The Content Length Should be Between 350-600 Words.

There is no specific content size limit but relating to search engine optimization it is better to have content between 350 -700 words. It is commonly observed that posts having more than 500 words often do well to website ranking high in search Engines

7-Connect With Social Media

Social Media signals can play a vital role in ranking your blog in Search Engines. So share your content on social media. You can also write about blogger like you on social media, for example Facebook and Twitter etc. You in response they will show interest with your contents. And If you win some users from social media it will also play a role in making your website ranking high in search Engines.


So here is the end of my 7 Best SEO Tips for Website ranking high in search Engines but it is not the end of the seo topic. So please comment if you like these SEO tips.

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