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What is Backlink?


Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks which are pointing to a web page to another website. These backlinks are very important as they add huge value to search engine ranking. And all search engines care about the backlinks, they considered them as raised thumb or vote in favor of the website to which these hyperlinks are pointing to and so as a result, the site appears on top ranking or front pages. But remember one thing that Search engines like Google also emphasizes on the quality of the backlinks.


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What is the Quality of backlinks?


There are two things which determine the quality of backlinks.

  1. Backlink providing websites has good PR (page rank) in search engines.
    Backlink providing website is of the same topic as that of linked site.

5 Best Backlink checker websites


Now I am going to show you some websites that have backlink checker tool where you can check backlinks for your site. These backlink checker websites also provide key information about your competitor’s website’s backlinks that from where he is getting backlinks having similar niche as of your website. So go ahead and use these backlink checkers to find your backlinks as well as source of your competitor backlinks.


Ranksignals backlink checker


backlink checker 1

This is one of my best backlink checker website as it show almost correct results and it gives a little bit more information about the backlinks. For example, Total number of backlinks, Alexa ranking, overll page rank, social sharing and detail address of backlinks with nature of backlinks like no-follow or do-follow links. I think it provide great detail so I put it at No.1 in my list. With all these characteristics, it has a plus point that it is a free backlink checker.

Check this Tool


Backlink Watch


backlink checker 2
This website provides a form where you can check any websites’s back links. This backlink checker shows upto 1000 links in its free version.

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Solid SEO Tools (Backlink Checker)


backlink checker 6
This website provide the total number of backlinks but not their address details but it provide some extra information that whether these backlinks are coming from Google or Bing.


Open Site Explorer


backlink checker 5
Another site which provides you a backlink checker with some additional information. It provides following info.
1. Domain Authority out of 100
2. Page authority out of 100
3. No. of backlinks made within 2 months (very useful to analyze whether your SEO strategies are working to build backlinks and how much their ratio of growth.
4. No. of root domains providing backlinks to your site.
5. No. and detail of internal and external backlinks.
As you see it also provides handy information to check the quantity and quality of your backlinks. It has 3 free domain checks per day limit at the time of writing this article.

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Call SEO Tool Backlink Checker

This tool provides simply total number of backlinks pointing to a website. This tool is good for just quick review for backlinks of a website.
Check Tool




Backlink checking analyzing is a continuous job in Search Engine Optimization strategies as we know that backlinks play a vital role in search engines ranking. So these tools provide suitable information about backlinks which may be used to check overall performance of your SEO efforts.


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