The Best Security Plugin for WordPress avoid Login Brute Force Attacks

You think why I am writing this article about the best security plugin for WordPress website?

This story begins here when I try to make my website safe from the hackers and brute force login attacks. I tried many plugins and techniques. But all have some limitations and side effects. Some of them are the best plugins but at the other hand they utilized a lot of web server resources which make the web page loading speed to slow down. Some Security plugins are very buggy which destroy the website functioning. So I keep searching the best solution that make my site safe from brute force attacks and to avoid illegal login attempts by the hackers over internet. So finally I have found a plugin that is very simple but very effective in results. Its name is WPS hide login. It is free and you can download it here 

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Why I like this Security Plugin?

I like this security plugin due to following reasons.
1. It is very simple to use.
2. It totally safe your login by hiding it completely.
3. It use low resources of your hosting server.
4. It never slow down your website.
5. It provide an alternate address for login page which never hacker can knows.

How to Use Security Plugin

Download plugin and activate the plugin with your WordPress website. Now go to setting tab of your WordPress dashboard and go to “General” tab. Now at the end of the page you will look a box with caption “login URL”, here you can change the URL of your choice and click the save changes button. It will disable the general login URL and add your URL instead and it is done. Now your website is more safe than before. When someone try to open your general page for login it will display the message that page is disabled. So it is very simple and effective solution which add value to your website security.


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