How to check Awstats in Cpanel

There are many ways to check web traffic of your site. The best is by using Google analytics. Because there are many features and types of reports are available in Google analytics. Plain reports, graph reports and different comparisons are included. Another quick and easy way to check your  website  traffic is cpanel Awstats status in 5 five easy steps:

Step-1:  go to your cpanel account. Which can be opened by adding /cpanel after your domain name in your browser. for example:

Step-2: Enter your username and password provided by your Web Host.

Step-3: go to log section of cpanel

Step-4: Click on the AWStats icon. See figures below:-

AWStats AWStats2

Step-5: A long tail web analysis report will be open and here you can find different summaries including Websites page views, Nos. of visitors, unique visitors, bandwidth. You can also find here monthly summaries of web traffic. Check countries from where you are getting  visitors. Under the log section of cpanel there are some other reports which you can check for your requirements. For example “Latest Visitors”, “Analog Stats”, “Bandwidth” and “Resource usage” etc.


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