How to Make Money on Fiverr with Helping Tips

There are many sites on internet where you can earn and make some money. But even it is possible to earn as full time to make living form the internet and there is many example of successful people out there. All these methods require some skills and hard work. Remember, Internet earning is not fit for you if you are not hard workers and have no patience.

What is Fiverr ?

In this article we are focusing on a large source of income over internet i.e. Fiverr is an online network where anyone can make a free account to sell or buy a service. On Fiverr, there are sellers and others are buyers.It is a famous and legit website for selling and buying services online. It is also a big website with respect to traffic or visitors. First we look here that how to start and set fiverr account.

start fiverr now

What is a Gig ?

After creation of account , you are allowed to make your services for selling to others. This service you are going to create is called a Gig. An account holder can make multiple gigs at a time and. It is like a show case for your services at fiverr. Furthermore, a gig has 4 main / important parts:-

  1. 1. A gig title
    2. Price plan
    3. Portfolio
    4. Gig Description

How to Write a Best Fiverr Gig Title?

A good title increase the chance to attract the buyer at fiverr. When you asked to provide a Gig title in your fiverr service. First three words are reserved with fiverr, these are as give below:-
I will …

Next to these three words you have to provide the gig title for your service. So provide a sharp and understandable title which explains your gig more accurately. See following fiverr gig title example:-
I will do bug and error fix for WordPress menu

The same fiverr gig title may be written as
I will do bug and error fix for WordPress menu superfast
Look at the difference above, both are same but there is an addition of word “superfast” at the end of the gig title. It makes your title more attractive and can give you more buyers for your service.

Creating Price Plans

You are required to create your price plan for your service gig. Minimum you can start selling from $5. You cannot make a gig less than 5 dollars. And make price plan how much greater than $5 is your choice. You can make one price plan or upto 3 plans whatever you like. You are supposed to give basic, medium and a premium package. You are required to provide short description of the plan. Other input fields are Package name, price and delivery time etc.

fiverr gig price plan

Detail Description of Fiverr Gig.

Here you provide the detail description about your service (Gig) that you are providing to client (buyer). You tell him that how you will do the job and solve the particular problem. You present complete detail of different parts of your gigs and which things are pre requisite for you gig.

Gig Portfolio

This is the most important part of your fiverr gig. Here you present yourself by showing images. In images you can present your work that you already done. A good portfolio always impress the client to give you the job like you already done.

Some useful Tips to Earn on Fiverr

1 Always provide good small and attractive title
2. You are new so delivery time should be not more than 24 hours. It will show your skill and experience.
3. Try to provide a unique and useful service gig that someone in need of it.
4. Don’t overdo in your description of gig. Because you are supposed to be providing the service according to your detail . If your job done is deficient then it can harm your review from the buyers.
5. Show your selective and quality work in your portfolio.

So Start earning on fiverr


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