How to Make Windows 7 USB for Installation

Now a day, much type of viruses exists on Internet. Even USB / Flash drive which is used by your friend’s computer may contain a bundle of viruses. These viruses sometimes results in damage or slow down your computer windows program. And you are in need to reinstall windows. This may happen time and again. So it should be a quick and clean solution to install windows for example windows 7 or windows 8 etc. In this post I will show you the method to create a windows 7 installation USB drive. There are many benefit of making USB for windows installation. Firstly, it is easily movable and portable and has a small size. You can pick it with you everywhere. Secondly, USB has better data transfer rate which enhance the speed of installation. Now start for creating a Bootable Windows 7 USB Drive.

windows 7 usb drive

How to Create a Bootable Windows 7 USB Drive

The essential thing you need is a Windows 7 ISO or an image file. This ISO or image file is a virtual copy of a Windows installation DVD. If you already have ISO image file then good and if you don’t have then don’t worry I am going to show you how to create it.

How to create ISO image file from windows 7 DVD.

If you have a windows 7 ISO image file then you can skip this step and proceed to next step but if you don’t, first you have to create an ISO image of your windows 7 DVD. Once it is created. You keep this image and you don’t need to make it again and again. To make ISO image of windows DVD, you can use any software utility like Power ISO etc. But here I am using a free tool for that you can download that tool here.
You don’t have any restrictions that whatever tool you use for the purpose.

After download the tool, install it and run it.
Go to ISO creator tab. And click add folder button.
Select Windows 7 DVD from my computer panel and click select folder. It will automatically select all content of DVD. After that click on Create ISO button. It will ask the path and file name. Give it a file name and it will create ISO Windows 7 image for you. See below image.

windows 7 ISO making ready


Once you’ve save the Windows 7 ISO file, follow these steps to burn it to a USB/Flash drive.
Download the Windows USB/DVD tool from here.

Run the file and install the tool.
Click Browse and select the downloaded Windows 7 ISO file.

tool for windows usb
Click Next and use option to save this file to a USB
Connect a USB drive to your computer with at least 4GB space. Make sure that you have backed up all data on the USB drive as it will be erased during this process.
Now Select USB drive from the menu and click Begin copying.

After completing this process, you’ll have a bootable Windows 7 USB ready to use.
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