Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is a php based Content Management System. It is highly flexible. It has started its life as a blogging platform, but now it has a full developed content management system (CMS). The range of efficient plugins and pretty themes available enable it to be used for just about any website you can imagine.

Difference between and

It is little bit confusing that there are two sources of WordPress i.e. and What is the difference between the two ? Here is the answer that produces freely available, open source software that anybody can install and run on their own server. You can build whatever you want with it and good news is that It is completely free. At the other hand is created by the same people that created, but the big difference is that they host the WordPress installation. No need to download the software. You can add your own content, and change the appearance by choosing from a limited range of themes, but you don’t get the ability to extend it the way you do with The key benefit is FTP (File Transfer Protocol – it’s like a file manager for transferring files between your PC and the web host), easy databases management, installing software upgrades and backups but price you pay for that is a little bit high.



Key Features and Benefits of WordPress from

  • A best CMS (Content Management System), proven over a number of years
  • It is Free, open source software
  • It is flexible and extendable
  • It is used by almost all sites type
  • A lot of online help and resources
  • You can create your own unique themes for very little cost
  • Until now Thousands of plugins and themes have been created (both free and paid)
  • Easy to find contractors for building a wordpress site

What is required before using wordpress

  1. Domain name for your site (find domain name)
  2. A Web hosting Package where your wordpress site will live (check packages)
  3. Installation of WordPress (free from control panel (cpanel) of webhosting) or it can be directly download from
  4. WordPress Theme which can be free or paid to style your website.
  5. WordPress Plugins to enhance functionality of WordPress to do what you want.

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