PHP – Introduction

What is PHP?

PHP is a programming language for building dynamic, interactive Web sites. PHP runs on server side. Its scripts are server side. It serve Web pages to visitors on request. One of the important features of PHP is that you can embed PHP code within HTML Web pages. Hence, it makes very easy for you to create dynamic content quickly. Now we are going to know that what is a Dynamic Web Page and term “Interactive”?


What is a Dynamic Web page?

Dynamic webpage is a page whose contents can change automatically each time when the page is viewed.   a static Web page, such as a simple HTML  page, which looks the same each time it loads.

 What is an interactive Web site ?

It is a website that responds to input from its visitors. For example a web forum. Here the users can post new messages to the forum, which are then displayed on the site for all to see. Another example is a “ Web form ” where we can input data.

PHP – What can do?

PHP will allow you to:

  • Create dynamic sites.
  • Reduce the time to create large websites.
  •  Create a customized user experience for visitors
  • Allow creation of shopping carts for e-commerce websites.
  • Embed PHP easily in HTML pages.
  • Link websites easily with databases

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