Page load Speed is now one of the key factor to get high ranking (SERPs) in search engines especially Google for your website. Good ranking means getting good web traffic for your website. To increase your page load speed, Multiple optimizations are required for server side and website pages. We are talking here about optimizing WordPress, one of the greatest content management system on earth. There are many steps that we can adopt to achieve good page speed. Here we going to address one important issue which impact on loading time for WordPress websites. This issue is Minifying and combining of CSS and javascript files on your website. You can use Google PageSpeed Insight Tool for testing page load speed.

speed up wp

It has been observed that when we properly minify the javascript files. It is not only effect the page load time for website but also reduce the server response time. Which is another important factor of its kind to increase page load time.

Here we are some free plugins which are helpful to getting this goal.

Better WordPress Minify

This plugin minfy javascript files. One of the good feature which make this plugin important is that It combines multiple css and javascript files. Plugin uses Minify, a PHP library for the purpose. It also take care of scripts and style enqueueing sequences. You can customize different options on its setting page. It supports wordpress internal javascripts features and never mess up things like some other plugins. This is a free plugin. With the use of this plugin you will see a remarkable reduction in server response time. This plugin will help you to pass couple of rules in Google PageSpeed Insight Tool.


This is another great plugin with good performance based. It has a setting page which is suitable for both normal and advanced users. This plugin will show a good impact on loading speed of your web pages.

Merge + Minify + Refresh

This plugin takes Javascript and Cascade Style Sheets files and minifies them in groups. It uses Libraries and modules like Minify (CSS), Google Closure and WP-Corn. It also help to remove above the fold blocking scripts. It gives good impact in loading time and minifying of JS and CSS files.

JCH Optimize

This plugin will instantly optimize your wordpress website. Its main feature is that this plugin concatenate and minifies CSS and javascript files to reduce website page load time.The other features are following:

  1. Combined Javascript and CSS files to reduce server requestes.
  2. It uses gzip compression to minified files.
  3. HTML output should be optimized
  4. This plugin has ability to exclude files from being minified to avoid some conflict

Final Words

It is up to you and the theme you are using that which plugin you feel most suitable for your website. If you know about other good plugins please share with others in your valuable comments.

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