Now a days Web designing is changing its trends. Every thing is going to be very fast in these days. Every client wants immediate results for his seeking. So it built a presser on the developer to develop their web project as fast as they can. Here are web Helping softwares play their handy role to meet the requirement. There are many free and payed softwares to make things complete rapidly but In this post I am sharing two very great softwares which will help you to speed up the web designing process.  So lets start and see Which are are two we are talking about.



web designing tool 1

This software allow you to print customized screen area on your computer / laptop screen very quickly and efficently which can be used in your projects and tutorials. It also record screen with with high quality and small file size.

press the print screen button, and you may see how screenpresso magically assists you in display capture. the mouse cursor will develop into a crosshair, and transferring it around the screen will automatically spotlight the place that can be captured in red color. it does some quite cool facet snapping to the display, so you can choose to seize a part of a window, or the whole window, or maybe the complete display screen. seize complete screen, part of the display or a specific window with the equal shortcut/hot key.  make sure to capture precisely what you want. click and drag anywhere to your display screen to pick a place with pixel ideal accuracy thanks to the zoom lens at the proper backside of the display capture scrolling home windows: can’t in shape it on the display screen ? make a completely unique image of scrolling home windows way to the sewing mechanism.

watch video and capture your display in hd films. A small video is the important thing to lessen misunderstanding in documentation. screenpresso facts your display in a video and produces light-weight mp4 video files for clean sharing. Some important video features are:-

  1. Capture in mp4 format for light-weight documents
  2. capture your microphone and webcam
  3. export frames/images
  4. resize the video on the quit and change the format



web designing tool 2


Instant eyedropper is a free coloration detection tool for Website designers with a view to pick out and robotically paste to the clipboard the html coloration code of any pixel on the screen with only a single mouse click.


identity the coloration code of an item at the display screen is commonly an concerned, multistep difficult technique. you press the print screen key to duplicate a screenshot to the clipboard, load a images-enhancing application, create a new record, paste the screenshot from the clipboard, zoom in at the object, use the “pick out coloration” device, and eventually replica the html code of the colour to the clipboard.But, by way of the usage of instant eyedropper web tool to do the same issue with a single click only.


  1. move the mouse pointer to the immediate eyedropper icon in the device tray.
  2. press and maintain the left mouse button and flow the mouse pointer to the pixel whose coloration you need to become aware of.
  3. release the mouse button.


this is it. the clipboard now includes the colour code – in html layout (or some other layout that you have previously specific). it can be pasted and utilized in any textual content or html editor or the coloration picker tool of photoshop.


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