Here I am going to explore a technique which is useful when you tried to convert your access table to mysql  table in a database . Let start with a testing table in MS Access 2007.

Step-1. Open access table in and we need it to export this table in excel 2007 format for the purpose follow the steps given below with the help of images.

Step-2.  In MS Access 2007 Open the “External Data” tab and go to export and then click on “excel” button.


Step-3: Following Menu will appear. Check two check boxes. and press ok button. Now table will save in excel format and will open.



Step:4 Now in excel click on save as button and then click on “excel binary workbook” button


Step-5. To Save the , set save as type to “CSV (Comma delimited)” format, give the table file a name and press the save button


Step-6. Now this CSV file is ready to import in SQL. For the purpose we are using phpmyadmin, which is available in PHP based server to handle sql database. Now open the database in phpmyadmin and click on “Import” button and brows the csv saved file by clicking brows button as shown below and don’t forget to check the box against the text:”the first line of the table contains the table column names”, just before the “go” button at the bottom of the page. and then click the “Go” button.

Finally the access table  is imported and converted in sql database table using phpmyadmin. and the final product is look like this image below:


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