Facebook is one of the largest social media website. It has more than 1 billion active user daily worldwide. And no doubt, it can be a great source of traffic for any website or blog. There are several ways that we can interact with this giant social media source and take the benefit to reach the specific audience on the Internet. Today we are going to make a fan page of our blog or website. A fan page on Facebook is where we can showcase our new posts, show update and even communicate and chat with our target audience.  And people follow our page by making like on facebook page. The number of likes show your increase in popularity of your brand among the people .

Step-1: Select your Page category

First of all you have to login to your facebook id. Now go the link given below which will open the Facebook page creation interface.




Then you can selected your product from the page. For Example, in our case is a website fan page so we click on the “Brand or product” button which will give further dialog box.  Here you can select category according to your target audience. And then in the next dialog box,  give your product a name. This name may be your website name.


Now a new Dialog box will open as given below.


Here in about tab put information about your website, your web address and page name. In next tab upload your profile picture. This picture should be according to your logo of your website or it can be which better represent your page for you page users. You can skip any step here which will be available after in the setting tab of your created page.

Step-2: Write your description for SEO

In the “More” tab go to and click on “Edit Page Info” . Here you will description box under General tab. Now write your brief description about your website or blog. This description will be used by the search engines. So write it carefully and use words wisely that express your blog neat and clean.

Step-3: Use Facebook Plugin Page to Show Page on your Website

With Facebook Plugin page you can get a code to show Facebook page likes on your website or blog. user can also like or share your page from your site. For the purpose the link is given below which show you the dialog box.


Here you can enter the height and width of widget size and check box for relevant options. Then click on the “Get Code” button to get the code which will be used to on your blog or website to show the facebook page likes and faces of your website likers.


Facebook Fan page has more importance relating to social media as social media is a great source of online audience and traffic for websites. So we learn how to create a fan page for our website or blog. And we also set description for SEO purpose and use the plugin page to get code to display page likes on the our website.

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