Writing an article in WordPress is the main and repetitive task which a blogger has to perform regularly. We normally use WordPress Post Editor for WordPress article writing and we upload images by uploading it in media library. It is quite easy and useful when we make a post which have one or two images to upload. But what about when you have a lot of images required in one post?

Microsoft word to WordPress-tipsmoon.com

Most of us are familiar and comfortable with Microsoft word for content writing. Microsoft word also have a lot of tools for creating Text, layout and images. In this article I tell you a easy technique for Writing and uploading articles with the help of MS word along with images without a lengthy job of uploading images one by one. This all will be done with the help of plugin named “Mammoth .docx converter” You can down load this plugin for free from the link below:

Download Mammoth .docx converter here

This plugin helps you to generate contents easily and rapidly which enhance to productivity of the blogger to a good extent. After installing and activating this plugin you will see a small section appeared in below your WordPress post editor window with a button “Choose File” as shown below:

Microsoft word to WordPress2-tipsmoon.com

Write your WordPress article with Microsoft Word preferably with ” Microsoft Word 2010” as I tested this plugin with MS word 2010. Add your images in the document wherever they are necessary. Now save it. Microsoft Word will be saved its document in its default file extension .docx. Now open your post editor in WordPress by clicking Add New Post. Add the title of you post. After that go to the below end of the editor and you will see the Mammoth .docx convert section. Click on “Choose file” and give it the path of your saved .docx article file. Article will appear in plugin window. This plugin gives visual view of your document and converts it to clean HTML in its next tab. After that a “Insert into editor” button will appear as shown in above image. As descripted on the button it will insert your article into WordPress editor. It also automatically upload the images in the media library and insert it into the editor. To get better SEO for images you can edit images in WordPress and write ALT text for your images . Now your post is ready for publishing and you can further edit your post and after finalizing you can publish it.


Writing and Editing in Microsoft Word and upload it directly to WordPress editor along with images is really easy and fun and I hope you will enjoy it as well as take advantage to improve productivity of publishing your articles and posts. If you find it useful, please share this post with your friends as they also can take benefit from this technique.


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